Start Screening With KGI

Screening 12+ Applicants Per Year

Step 1: Get In Touch With Us

Our website provides detailed information on all of KGI's products and services, as well as more information about who we are and how we work.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or have questions for us, drop us a note at Our team will review your message and respond as soon as possible, guiding you to Step 2.

Step 2: Select Your Screening Products

There is no established "standard" background check for most organizations, so it's important to evaluate your exact requirements and expectations.

KGI's sales team will ask you a number of questions to best understand exactly what your organization's requirements are and guide you through our products and services to meet those requirements.

During this step, we will also determine if you require any products or services that need special handling and/or lead time to set up, such as credit reports, occupational health products, I-9/E-Verify, and a few others.

When you are satisfied that your menu of products and services meet your requirements, we'll send a formal quote detailing your specific pricing based on any volume, commitment, and/or referral discounts.

With a signed quote, our team will guide you to Step 3.

Step 3: Company Credentialing

All background checks produced by KGI are Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant. KGI will only screen your applicant(s) if you have a permissible use for the background report under the FCRA (See: 15 U.S. Code § 1681b - Permissible purposes of consumer reports).

In order to safeguard against unlawful use of our screening platform, KGI verifies the credentials of any entity it provides ongoing, long-term platform access to.

KGI requires the following information to verify you have an ongoing, legitimate business purpose for permanent access to our platform:

  • A current W-9 containing your legal Company name, Doing Business As (DBA)/Assumed Name, phone number, address, and EIN/TIN

  • State of Incorporation: The state in which your company is formed for Secretary of State verification

  • Your state business license in the following jurisdictions:

    • Delaware

    • Massachusetts

    • New Jersey

    • Rhode Island

    • Washington DC

    • West Virginia

Additionally, your company will be checked against the exclusion lists of one or more National Reporting Agencies. A match will prevent your company from being credentialed.

This process typically takes 1-3 business days depending on the quality and accuracy of the information you provide. Once this process is complete, our team will guide you onto Step 4.

Step 4: Sign Your Service Agreement

While KGI welcomes long-term contracts, we do not require them. Instead, we require a Service Agreement which summarizes the relationship between your company and KGI, outlines requirements and expectations for maintaining that relationship, and provides other key information to help you get started.

Once your Service Agreement is executed by both companies, our team will guide you to Step 5.

Step 5: Onboarding & Training

KGI provides virtual onboarding training to your staff at no charge to you. Our standard onboarding training follows the "Train the Trainer" method, enabling your team to share their knowledge with others in your organization. We deliver all training through the Google Meet system which allows for pain-free remote collaboration. An onboarding checklist is provided so that all stakeholders can measure onboarding progress.

A typical training session takes 30-60 minutes depending on the number of products and services on your account.

At the end of the onboarding checklist, you will sign-off that you're ready to begin screening on your own. Our support for you doesn't end here; our Customer Care Team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns that come up for as long as you're a KGI customer.

Screening Less than 12 Applicants Per Year

KGI will only screen your applicant(s) if you have a permissible use for the background report under the FCRA. As a safeguard against unauthorized use of our systems, we require a minimum of 12 applicants to be screened per year in order to have permanent, direct access to our screening system.

We also recognize that some sole proprietors, small business owners, investment property owners, and others may have permissible use cases, but do not meet our minimum volume requirements. KGI is happy to assist our fellow small business owners in choosing the best applicants for their business or rental property.

The process is tailored to balance the necessary legal, regulatory, and privacy standards with ease of use for you. Turn around time for single reports can vary because of the normal challenges associated with producing a comprehensive background check, plus the individual review and assessment of the materials you provide to KGI. Consequently, you should not expect turn around times as quick as those we deliver to customers with permanent accounts.

Once you place a single order with KGI, you can expect the process to receive a single report to follow the steps below:

  • You will be required to provide evidence that your screening need is legitimate. This may be required once, or for each order, subject to the determination of KGI's compliance team. Examples of acceptable evidence include, but are not limited to:

    • a business license

    • business filing with the Secretary of State in which your company is formed

    • proof of an employment or rental opening that you intend to fill with the screened applicant

    • other evidence reviewed and accepted by KGI's compliance team

  • Your company will be checked against the exclusion lists of one or more National Reporting Agencies. A match will prevent your company from being credentialed.

  • For each order, you must complete a certification stating that you will only use the report for permissible purposes under the FCRA.

  • Your applicants must be willing and able to accept an email invite to enter their own personal information into our screening platform and sign an electronic release form. For security reasons, we cannot accept applicant information any other way. The applicant's email must be separate and distinct from your own as a safeguard.

  • Prior to delivery of the completed report payment will be requested and must be received prior to the release of the completed background report. Applicable sales tax will be applied as required.

If agree to the above and would like to place an order with KGI, please email us at