Third-Party Fees


What Are Third-Party & Pass-Through Fees?

During the course of research on your applicants, we may need to access data from sources that charge an additional fee for us to access their data.

There are several types of organizations that tend to charge these fees, including (but not limited to):

  • County & State Courts

  • Outsourced employment verifiers

  • Outsourced education verifiers

  • DMVs

Why Aren't These Included in My Pricing?

Your pricing includes the cost of conducting the research required to build a comprehensive report on your applicants. The cost to produce a report is predictable because of KGI's internal resources and existing vendor contracts. Third-party fees, however, are not as predictable and can change without notice. Additionally, because of the ever-changing, wide range of third-party costs charged by various organizations, establishing an "all-in" price has become extremely difficult.

Does KGI Markup These Fees?

No, every third-party fee is passed to you at cost. No markups.

How Can I Prevent, Minimize, or Eliminate Fees?

If KGI knows there will be a third-party fee, our team will request authorization to proceed. We will charge the fee on your invoice.

KGI employs an internal team of researchers that can complete verifications using other processes, avoiding outsource fees. Examples of these processes are:

Criminal Court Records:

  • Advise you of a "No Record Found" result from the National Criminal Database (note: we cannot provide details of derogatory information without confirming the information with the appropriate court)


  • Collect paystub(s)

  • Collect W-2s

  • Seek verbal or written confirmation from a supervisor


  • Collect transcript(s)

  • Collect diploma(s)

We are happy to work with you to meet the verification criteria you set for your applicant using the above means, or any other legal, ethical process.

Third-Party Fees Table

Below is a table showing the current third-party fees that KGI is tracking. While we work hard to keep this page updated, there are thousands of courts, schools, and DMVs that may or may not charge additional fees for their data.

This table is not all-inclusive; fees may be higher, lower, added, or subtracted without notice. Notice a discrepancy? Let us know at

KGI Court Access Fees