KGI/Cloud Operation

Table of Contents

Basic Navigation Overview

User Management

Who Is Authorized to Use KGI/Cloud?

Each KGI/Cloud user account is only authorized for use by one (1) employee or authorized representative of (1) legal entity that is named on the KGI/Cloud account.

Sharing of credentials is a violation of KGI security policies. Users found to be sharing credentials will be suspended pending review. Repeated violations may result in suspension of your organization's KGI/Cloud account and additional actions as needed to protect KGI and the affected Applicants.

Adding, Changing, or Removing Users

User changes may be requested using the following form:

Placing Orders

Accessing the Order Menu

To access the order menu, hover over the blue navigation bar button labeled "Order".


Places an order via QuickApp or manual entry (see below).

Batch Order

Places an order via Batch Order. Batch orders utilize a spreadsheet that is uploaded, placing multiple orders at once.

Training is required before use of this feature, and it must be enabled on your account prior to use. Contact us at for more information.

Selecting the Core Suite or A La Carte Base Product

After clicking on "Order", you are presented with all available products for your account.

Each base product, typically a Core Suite and the A La Carte product, has individual searches that are required or that are mandatory. Once you select a base product, you cannot start over without starting a new order.

Select the base product you'd like to order to proceed.

Selecting Add-Ons

After selecting the desired base product, you are presented with the search selection screen.

There are check boxes next to each available search. There are three possible default selections for each search, determined by the base product you selected:

Three Types of Selections

  • Required: check and cannot be unchecked. These searches will always be ordered unless removed from the order prior to final confirmation at the end of either the QuickApp process (Applicant Ready process), or the manual data entry process.

  • Default: searches that are automatically checked, but can be unchecked if desired.

  • Optional: searches that are not automatically checked, but can be checked at your discretion to build the exact report you want.

Your selections on this page will dictate the information KGI requests from you or your applicant on the following screens.

If you change your mind after proceeding from this screen, you can add or remove searches just prior to final order submission, either at the Applicant Ready stage of the QuickApp process, or at the end of the manual data entry process.

Data Entry Options

KGI offers two primary methods of entering Applicant data into the KGI/Cloud system:

!!!The Impact of Your Choice on Legal Compliance!!!

KGI highly recommends using QuickApp whenever possible. This method includes electronic disclosures and forms with electronic signature and audit trail, greatly enhancing compliance with applicable law and mitigation of legal risk.

If you choose to utilize the manual entry option, you are responsible for obtaining and storing the Applicant's written authorization and providing an electronic copy to KGI during the manual entry process.

QuickApp Option

This is the preferred method of data entry for completeness, compliance, and efficiency reasons.

QuickApp is an Applicant-centric process that requests the required information for the report from the Applicant. In this process, the ordering user needs to provide only minimum contact information for the Applicant.

Once that information is provided, KGI/Cloud will contact the Applicant via email and/or text message to provide the information required for the background check.

QuickApp can be initiated from the package selection screen by clicking the green QuickApp button.

Manual Entry Option

This process enables the ordering user to enter all information on the Applicant and submit the order. This is an ordering user-centric method that minimizes or eliminates the participation of the Applicant in the ordering process.

When ordering, select this method using the blue "Next" button from the package selection screen.

QuickApp and Manual Entry Buttons

QuickApp - Additional Information

When you use QuickApp, the following applies:

  • Once you sent the QuickApp, the Applicant will receive an email to complete their data entry within 14 days.

  • The Applicant will review and sign all of their required disclosures electronically.

  • You will be notified by email to review an order and approve it once your Applicant completes their data entry. This allows you to ensure the report will cover exactly what you want and fit into your cost requirements.

Duplicate Order Prevention

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Advanced Ordering Methods

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Draft, Applicant Ready, and XML Ready Queues


Saved, incomplete orders are located here. You may access these drafts and continue preparing them for order, or you may cancel them.

Applicant Ready

For QuickApp orders, once your Applicant completes their workflow, the order will be placed here for your review. We highly recommend reviewing prior to submission to production to ensure you are not ordering items that are not needed, which may increase your report price.

XML Ready

Collects Batch Orders and orders from a software integration, such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Allows you to review the order prior to submission to production, similar to the Applicant Ready queue.

Managing Documents

Authorization Forms

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Additional Documents

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Order Status & Viewing Complete Reports

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Using Adverse Action Tools

613(a) Notices

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Pre-Adverse Action Notice

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Adverse Action Notice

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Summary of the Applicant's Rights Under the FCRA

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